Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone's hard at work on Karlie's room

Kyle started working on Karlie's closet a few weeks ago. One of his long time friends, Kevin Passons, ordered and hung her new doors for us.

The top picture is Kevin working hard. The second one is the doors hung and ready to be painted.

Next came taping off the room to be painted. That was I job that I could do without having to climb on too many ladders or hurt myself. Here I am...

Sunday Nana and Aunt Tracie came over for a long day of painting. They did most of the work so that the I didn't have to smell the paint for too long or climb on a ladder. They were a little upset that I took pictures of them while they were hard at work, but I reminded them they were for Karlie! We painted the bottom pink and the top, ceiling and closet tan.

Aunt Tracie even managed to get some on her!

Tonight Kyle hung the rest of the chair rail. There's still some touching up to do and the closet doors need another coat of paint, but here's a little sneak peek.

Hopefully this weekend we will put the finishing touches on it and get her bed and dresser up with all of the bedding.

Here you go Aunt LaLa

These are the sonogram at 18 weeks. This is the day we found out the baby was a girl!

This one is of her face. You can also see her right hand up next to her face.

Hopefully everyone can figure out this one on their own! It's of her bottom and legs. This is how we knew she was a girl! I actually knew told the doctor before she was able to tell us.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Blog

This is my first time to blog and I have no idea what I am doing! Some of my friends have blogs that I keep up with and I'm also obsessed with Quad blogs. I know it's crazy, but I LOVE them! I think this is a good way for us to let family and friends know how we are doing and to keep everyone updated on my pregnancy and Karlie when she arrives.
This is a picture of Kyle and I on our 4th anniversary. I was about 20 weeks ~ half way there!